FAQ: What To Do With Oui Yogurt Jars?

What can you make with OUI yogurt jars?

13 Brilliant Uses For Oui Yogurt Jars

  • Candle Votive. Use a yogurt jar as a candle votive.
  • Odds & Ends. Use a yogurt jar to corral collections of small items, like spare change, office supplies, craft supplies, and more.
  • Spices.
  • Gift Jar.
  • Succulent Pot.
  • Bath Salts.
  • Meal Prep & Portion Control.
  • Condiments & Spreads.

Are Oui yogurt jars recyclable?

You can put the empty jars in your recycling bin, but I’ve noticed that some people like to get creative and find ways to re-purpose the Oui yogurt jars. First you’ll want to peel the labels off your jars, although you might need to scrub or use a product like Goo Gone to get the label residue off the jar.

Can you put OUI jars in the oven?

The glass used for Ball and Kerr canning jars is not tempered for oven use and is not meant to be used in baking projects. The jars are safe to use for home canning recipes, cold or room temperature food storage, crafting, and cold beverages. Still, like all glass, it’s susceptible to something called thermal shock.

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Why is oui yogurt in a glass jar?

Our glass pot is not only recyclable and great for reuse, but it also protects the integrity of the yogurt’s texture during the production and shipping process ensuring our consumer’s experience the best possible French style yogurt every single time.

Why is oui yogurt so good?

Named “Oui” (which is French for “Yes”) the artisan-style products are inspired by French yogurt-making traditions. Created primarily from wholesome foods like real fruit at the bottom and whole milk, the full-fat yogurt is superior to ‘lighter’ competitors with its taste, texture, and ingredient list.

Can OUI jars be used for candles?

Glass Yogurt Jars Make Great Candle Containers We love the shape of the glass Oui yogurt jars (the yogurt inside is yummy, too!). They’re recyclable, of course, and make great little containers for all sorts of things like paper clips, nails and screws.

What happened to OUI plain yogurt?

We’re really sorry to disappoint but yes, Oui plain is being discontinued. We’ll tell our team how much you loved it and will miss it. Thanks!

Can you freeze OUI yogurt?

According to the Yoplait company, it is possible to freeze Yoplait yogurt, but the freezing process substantially changes the texture of the yogurt and is not recommended. Higher fat content yogurt may freeze and thaw more easily than low or no fat yogurt.

How do you clean Oui yogurt jars?

I soak the label itself off in hot water and then remove the sticky residue using baking soda and coconut oil. First, rub coconut oil all over the jar. Then sprinkle on some baking soda and scrub the jar using a damp sponge. Rinse the baking soda off and dry your jars completely.

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Can OUI jars be microwaved?

Answer: These aren’t microwave safe. If you want to heat contents up just replace the plastic lids with the glass lids (no seal or clips!) and then warm contents up.

Are mason jars tempered?

Mason jars are thick-walled, wide-mouthed jars made of heat-tempered glass. They are able to withstand the heat and pressure associated with water bath and pressure canning.

How do you know if a glass is oven safe?

For one, you should check your glassware for any cracks or scratches before using it. Even being oven safe won’t protect a glass that is on the verge of breakage, and it will likely shatter once exposed to high heat. Along with this, many glass dishes labeled as oven safe still have a temperature limit.

Are you supposed to stir OUI yogurt?

Oui is best experienced without stirring to enjoy the unique, thick and creamy texture. It is made to be enjoyed slowly. We encourage consumers to dig in with their spoon and get some yogurt and just the right amount of fruit from the bottom to enjoy the full Oui experience.

What does OUI stand for?

1: operating under the influence convicted of OUI [=convicted of operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol] an OUI charge. 2: one who is arrested for or convicted of OUI. 3: an arrest or conviction for OUI has two OUI’s on his record.

What yogurt comes in a glass jar?

The Minneapolis-based food processor and Yoplait licensee has launched a new whole-milk yogurt in its Yoplait line. Oui by Yoplait is a cup-set yogurt packaged in 5-ounce glass jars (or “pots,” as the company calls them).

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