Often asked: How To Say Yogurt In French?

Do you say yogurt in French?

Yogurt in French Yaourt is a masculine noun in French that refers to yogurt in English: un yaourt. The plural is des yaourts. In French, you can also use yoghourt or yogourt.

What is the Canadian French word for yogurt?

Perhaps they could figure out that it was indeed yaourt (yogurt).

How do you pronounce Yaourter?


  1. IPA: /ja.uʁ.te/
  2. Audio. (file)
  3. Homophones: yaourtai, yaourté, yaourtée, yaourtées, yaourtés, yaourtez.

Is it pronounced yogurt or yogurt?

In English there is considerable confusion regarding the proper pronunciation of the word “yogurt.” Basically, “ yog-urt” is the UK pronunciation whereas Americans say “yo-gurt.” There are also alternative spellings: yoghurt or yorhourt, and the Canadians write yogourt.

What is a brand of French yogurt?

Yoplait (/ˈjoʊpleɪ/ YOH-play, French: [jɔplɛ]) is the world’s largest franchise brand of yogurt. It is jointly owned by United States–based food conglomerate General Mills and French dairy cooperative Sodiaal.

What makes French yogurt different?

French-style yogurt differs from regular yogurt because it’s made in small batches, in glass jars with a few ingredients. French-style means placing whole milk and yogurt cultures in a small glass pot and letting it culture together in the glass. Yoplait said this takes about eight hours.

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How do British spell yoghurt?

Yoghurt is a variant spelling of yogurt that is common in British English. It can be used in all the same contexts as its American counterpart yogurt. While yoghurt is much more common in British English than in American English, it still isn’t the dominant spelling.

How do you spell yogurt in Canada?

Usage notes The spelling yogourt is common on product labels in Canada because it is valid in both English and French, as products are required to be labelled in both languages. Yogurt remains by far the most common spelling in other contexts, however.

How do New Zealanders pronounce yoghurt?

(Wikipedia spells it yogurt by the way). Whatever the spelling, the word is usually pronounced with a short ‘o’ in the UK, with a long ‘o’ in North America, Australia, Ireland and South Africa, and with either a long or short ‘o’ in New Zealand.

Is yogurt and curd the same?

Curd or dahi is a dairy product which is made by curdling milk with edible acidic substance like lemon juice, vinegar and even curd itself. Yogurt, on the other hand, is created by bacterial fermentation of milk. To make yogurt, yogurt culture consisting Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophiles is used.

What are the benefits of yogurt?

Yogurts can be high in protein, calcium, vitamins, and live culture, or probiotics, which can enhance the gut microbiota. These can offer protection for bones and teeth and help prevent digestive problems. Low-fat yogurt can be a useful source of protein on a weight-loss diet.

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